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Touren Wheels (Rims) Review- Are they any good?

In this era of unique and fancy rims, there are very few brands that still produce traditional, minimalist wheels. Touren Wheels is one such brand that is known for introducing excellent quality wheels which are basic and can make any vehicle look regal and luxurious. In Touren Wheels, attention is paid to fine details and overall quality. As a result, the products are elegant and excel in their performance, as opposed to most other brands these days that produce substandard and funky wheels.


Touren wheels are truly aesthetically pleasing. They are built along the traditional wheel patterns, with a fine touch of modernity and innovation. This results in an overall balanced product that goes well with ANY sort of vehicle, be it a regular passenger car, a sporty or luxury vehicle or even an SUV. Touren wheels come in three general color categories – black, chrome and machined. However, these are further divided on the basis of details, so there is a huge variety to choose from. The black wheels with colored rings by Touren have been particularly popular, and it holds the status of a pioneer in that design. The spokes of almost all the wheels by Touren are kept simple and basic, with some series offering mesh patterns as well. The number of spokes is generally 5,7 or 10. In short, if you are a minimalist and are drawn towards wheels that are classic and elegant, you might not find anything better than Touren wheels.


Touren wheels are mainly designed for vehicles that are driven on paved roads, so naturally they are built to be comfortable and easy to handle. This is ensured by the offsets of these wheels, which allow the driver to have ample control. These wheels are also made to be lightweight, and the aluminum used in their manufacturing plays a major role in that. Thus, overall these wheels perform superbly on roads and are surprisingly trouble-free. The mounting of most of the rims by Touren is also fairly uncomplicated. However, as would be expected from a wheel of this category, Touren wheels have a limited load capacity and are not suited to driving in off-road conditions frequently.


Touren wheels are built for friendly and unchallenging conditions, and they last for a fairly long period of time on such surfaces. This is true even at higher speeds. The excellent quality cast or flow formed aluminum used in the construction of these wheels impart sufficient strength, and also prevents them from rust. Nonetheless, it should be taken into account that the finish of Touren wheels is not very tough and might not be able to stay intact if harsh weather or challenging terrain is encountered.

Sizes and Configurations:

Touren wheels are designed for a wider range of vehicles than most other brands. They cater to the needs of all sorts of passenger cars, sports and racing cars as well as some varieties of SUVs. They come in sizes ranging from 14 to 22 inches, and widths between 6 to 10.5 inches. The bolt pattern of wheels by Touren can come with up to 10 holes. An interesting feature of Touren wheels is that the offsets of all of their products are set to positive values, lying between 15 to 50 mm. This allows for easy handling, which is a great advantage.

Price and Value:

Touren Wheels are absolutely unparalleled when it comes to the price department. In fact, their budget-friendly price range has been a major reason for their fame. Even the best products from this brand retail for no more than $280, which is a usual rate for a mediocre wheel of brands such as American Racing. For a wheel that perfectly serves all your everyday driving needs, the cost range of Touren wheels is superb.

Best Products by Touren Wheels:

1. Touren TR9 3190 Matte Black Wheel

This magnificent, matte black wheel is one of the most basic yet edgy wheels available in the market today. It has a typical 5 spoke pattern, with spokes that flare out at the edges and make it look regal. It is made of aluminum, which provides it with strength and durability and also minimizes the chances of corrosion. The finish of this wheel is noticeably fine. If you are looking for something classy to match your car, this wheel is your best bet.

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2. Touren TR60 3260 Black/Red Ring Wheel

When talking of minimalist wheels that won over the industry, this brilliant wheel by Touren cannot be missed. It has an advanced, finely detailed construction which pops out even more due to the marvelous color scheme. It has a black exterior, which is reinforced by a thin, bright red ring. This wheel is also made of aluminum, and has a sturdy frame that is also surprisingly easy to install.

3. TOUREN TR60 Black/Machined Face/Black Ring Wheel with Alloy Steel

If you are a fan of machined finishes, this tremendous wheel by Touren is sure to win your heart. It is manufactured with a fine balance between sporty and elegant, and can complement the look of any type of car. This wheel has a 14 spoke mesh pattern which is an image of modernity. The aluminum used for its construction not only decreases the weight of this wheel significantly, but also imparts unmatched strength and robustness.

4. Touren TR3 3130 Machine Wheel

This 10 spoke wheel is another great option for your vehicle. It has a simple construction, with a machined finish and a basic brand logo in the middle. Its radial spokes are concave on the outer edges, and result in an overall graceful appearance that goes well with luxury cars. This wheel is also made of aluminum. However, in addition to being sturdy, this wheel is also highly durable which is a great plus. 

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