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Silver Car, Gunmetal Rims (Wheels) – Do they look good?

Silver cars have made their place in the top tier of popularity charts over the recent years. Every single time we go out, the probability of us bumping into a silver car is higher than most other colors. Although a lot of credit goes to the changing fashion trends, the popularity of silver color among cars is not confined to just that.

Silver cars have a noticeably higher resale value, mainly because it is a neutral and inoffensive color. For the same reason, it is well-liked by a majority of the population. In addition, the maintenance of silver cars is a lot easier than most other colors, as it hides dust and minor scratches effectively for a long time. Furthermore, this color reflects a lot of sunlight which allows the interior of the car to stay cool.

All in all, silver cars excel in almost every aspect which makes them a popular choice among car enthusiasts.

Will gunmetal rims look good on a silver car?

If you are wondering whether gunmetal rims will complement your silver car, the answer is – ABSOLUTELY. Besides both of these being neutral colors, gunmetal grey and silver fall on the same spectrum which creates a finely balanced and symmetrical look. No matter what category your silver car belongs to, gunmetal wheels will not only go well with it but also add a touch of modernity and grace to it.

Additionally, if you are a fan of contrast, gunmetal rims are your go-to for a silver car. Unlike black, it is not too striking or aggressive. The overall look of a silver car with gunmetal wheels is magnificent and delightful.

Why choose gunmetal rims?

Gunmetal is one of the very few rim colors that never go out of style. Whether you drive a regal luxury car or a semi-aggressive vintage one, gunmetal rims will look equally good on both. It is a decent and universal color, which makes it a preferred choice. Gunmetal rims add an elegant hue to the vehicle which is neither bold nor boring, and makes your car look trendy and classy. 

In addition to being aesthetically appealing, gunmetal rims have the added advantage of being easy to maintain. They can conceal dust and dirt for a relatively long time. Moreover, scrapes and scratches are less prominent as compared to black rims. This can save you from a lot of hassle if you drive in poor and untidy conditions frequently.

Best Gunmetal Wheel: Enkei EKM3 Gunmetal

This splendid gunmetal wheel by Enkei can transform the entire look of your vehicle. It is designed in a captivating way while employing the latest ideas and modern technology. It has 10 classy split spokes that are sleek and elegant, and a finely placed center cap. The design of this wheel is carefully balanced to provide a little bit of both aggressiveness and elegance to the vehicle.

The gunmetal grey paint that is used on its exterior speaks luxury and class, and can be a game changer for your car. Interestingly, the finish of this wheel is highly durable and can resist damage for a long time. This is true for the wheel itself as well, making it a must buy. Moreover, this rim is superb in terms of performance and strength as well.

Do check out the complete review of this wheel here.

Can I paint my rims gunmetal?

 Well, we have good news for you. By following a few easy steps, you can paint your rims gunmetal yourself. Yes, you heard it right. You can get gunmetal rims without spending a fortune!

You have to begin by cleaning your rims with a wheel cleaner or simply, soap. Once they are dried, use a sandpaper and sand your wheels. This step is followed by applying primer. Word of caution – these prepping steps are the real deal! They can make or break the final look of your rims, so it is imperative to pay special attention to these. After prepping, apply a thin layer of high strength gunmetal paint. Wait till it is dry to apply the next layer. At the end, top it off with a clear coat and you are good to go!

What other color rims look great on a silver car?

By now, we have established that gunmetal rims will look amazing on a silver car. However, there are some other excellent options as well.


Chrome rims with a silver car are one of the most iconic combinations ever. If you are more drawn towards basic and traditional looks, chrome rims are for you. Apart from being shiny and attractive, they impart an elegant outlook to a silver car. They make the vehicle look luxurious and edgy while making sure that there is no funkiness.

Furthermore, chrome rims are easier to clean. All it takes is one wipe! Scratches and slight dents are also less likely to be noticed on chrome rims.

Best chrome wheel: American Racing Hot Rod Torq Thrust II VN515

This catchy and shimmery wheel by American Racing can be an awesome addition to your silver car. It has a classy build which can complement any kind of vehicle and make it look appealing. This rim has 5 attractive spokes that are slightly convex and broaden as they reach the outer lip. This design provides it with a semi-aggressive look.

The center cap of this wheel is comparatively small yet eye-catching, which is unique. Moreover, this wheel is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, which is a great plus.


Complementary wheels are almost always a safe choice, if you want to make your car stand out without looking too bold. For a silver car, black wheels can do this job superbly. Black rims look magnificent and luxurious, and can transform the entire look of a silver car. This color combination also imparts a slightly aggressive outlook which can be an absolute delight to look at.

Moreover, if you want to add a hint of uniqueness, you can go for colored lips. Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that black rims require extra care for cleanliness and maintenance, since both dirt and scratches are prominent on this color.

Best wheel in black color: Pro Comp Alloys Series 69 Wheel

This marvelous and trendy wheel by Pro Comp Alloys is sure to serve all the looks that you desire for your silver car. It is built using innovative technology and modern designs that can amp up the look of your car. This wheel has an attractive 8 spoke pattern with stylish oval cutouts that can turn heads from afar. The center cap is compact and elegant, and carries the brand logo gracefully. The finish of this wheel is done with excellent precision which further adds to its appeal. Cherry on top, this wheel is surprisingly light on the pocket.

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