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Silver Car, Bronze Wheels (Rims) – Do they look good?

Have you ever noticed that most of the vehicles advertised in the marketing campaigns of popular automobile brands such as Mercedes and Porsche are silver in color? Well, it is not surprising that silver color in vehicles is leading the popularity list in most parts of the world today. Not only does it impart an elegant and luxurious look, but is also easy to maintain.

If you own a silver car, you can go weeks without having to conduct a rigorous cleaning session, which might be necessary with other colors such as white and black. In addition, scratches on silver cars are camouflaged and barely noticeable. One might call it a lazy person’s heaven.

Silver colored cars are also capable of reflecting sunlight effectively, which keeps the interior of the car cool. From an aesthetic point of view, this color is neutral and can go well with multiple types and colors of rims. Thus, all in all, silver is a great choice of color for vehicles from every aspect.

Will bronze wheels look good on a silver car?

Bronze wheels can make your silver car pop in a crowd. This unusual combination can be absolutely stunning to look at, especially if the rims have a shiny finish. The overall look that this combination imparts is modern and stylish, and thus will specifically suit vehicles that have an up-to-date build. However, for more vintage and old school vehicles, we don’t really recommend this bold setup. The final choice, nonetheless, depends on the owner and his taste.

Why choose bronze wheels?

Uniquely colored wheels are a great way to hype up the look of your car. And if you really want to stand out, bronze is your color. Bronze wheels are gaining popularity due to the edgy and stylish outlook that they provide the vehicle with. You can spot a nice set of bronze wheels from miles away.

Furthermore, they are also easy to maintain as dust and dirt is hard to notice on this color. Damage and bruises are also relatively concealed, as opposed to black. A win-win situation, isn’t it? Nonetheless, one must remember that bronze is not really a universal color and might not suit every vehicle type. We recommend this bold color for cars that are somewhat aggressive in appearance. The final choice, nonetheless, falls on the owner and his taste.

Best Bronze Wheel: Verde Custom Wheels V99 Axis Gloss Bronze

This fabulous wheel by Verde is one of the best bronze wheels available. It has a stylish 5 split spoke pattern that gives it a modern and elegant outlook. The spokes are designed to be sleek and edgy, and are raised outwards as they reach the lip of the wheel. This, along with the compact center cap result in an overall graceful appearance.

The bronze finish of this wheel is done with great attention to detail, making it look sharp and neat. Along with having a catchy appearance, this wheel excels in performance as well. It is built using sturdy material that can resist damage and bruising for extended periods of time. To top it off, it is backed by a generous warranty.

Can I paint my wheels bronze?

If you are bored of the conventional color of your rims and want to switch to bronze, you don’t really need to spend a hefty amount and buy new ones. Painting the rims is a much more cost effective option, and requires little time. You can even choose the specific shade that you want your rims to be painted in by specifying the color code to the paint shop.

All it takes is following a few easy steps. First, clean your rims and let them dry. Then prepare the rims by sanding them with a sand paper. This is the most crucial step and can make or break the entire look. Now wipe the surface and apply a thin layer of a good quality bronze paint. Then apply another layer and let it dry. If you want a matte finish, apply a matte clear coat and you are good to go.

Painting the rims is an easy and inexpensive option. However, it is important to invest in a good quality, high strength paint to get the desired results. Moreover, the preparation step requires great precision for best results. Alternatively, you can get powder coating done from a professional, which is a comparatively expensive option.

What other color rims/wheels look great on a silver car?

1. Black

Nothing can amp up the luxurious side of a car like a nice black wheel. Since it is a universal color, black goes perfectly well with silver cars. It can make the vehicle look elegant and regal, while adding a touch of uniqueness.

For a silver car, we recommend a black rim which is more on the glossy/shiny side than matte, so that it complements the vehicle perfectly. Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that black wheels require careful maintenance and regular cleaning, since scratches and dirt are prominent on this color.

Best Wheel in Black color: Verde Wheels Saga Satin Black Wheel

This beautiful satin black wheel by Verde has a modern and classy build, which is sure to complement the look of any car that it is put on. It has a 9 spoke mesh design, with sleek spokes that radiate gracefully towards the lip. The hub is placed deeply, with a compact center cap that features the brand logo. Special attention is paid to the finish of this wheel, which further adds to its attraction. 

This wheel by Verde is built using modern and innovative technology, which makes it strong and durable. Thus, it is a reliable option to choose for your car. In fact we’ve made a complete brand review on Verde wheels and you’re welcome to check it out.

2. Silver

Silver is another great option for wheels on a silver car. Perhaps it is the most suitable choice if you want to make your car look magnificent and not funky. Silver wheels impart a graceful and elegant outlook, and their shine can turn heads from afar. Cherry on top, they are also easy to clean and maintain. One thorough wipe and the wheels are good as new, even after maneuvering through layers of dirt. Scratches and scrapes are hardly noticeable on silver wheels. If you want to add a touch of uniqueness, you can opt for different colored lips. This will allow the car to look edgy yet elegant.

Best Wheel in Silver color: American Racing Hot Rod Torq Thrust II VN515 Polished Wheel

This eye-catching wheel by American Racing is one of the best silver wheels available today. Its shiny finish is done with great precision, which makes it look luxurious. This wheel has 5 thick spokes that widen as they reach the lip. This classical design allows the wheel to look modern yet traditional, which makes it suit perfectly to a variety of different vehicles. The center cap is compact and adds to its appeal. 

This superb wheel comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations, which is a great plus. Moreover, it is also backed by warranty, so you can make the choice with complete peace of mind. 

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