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Red Rims (Wheels) on a Silver Car – Do they look good?

Over the past few years, surveys conducted in almost all parts of the world and especially in the United States indicated a rise in popularity of silver cars. Despite newer and unique colors being introduced every day by various automobile brands, silver still beats most of them when it comes to popularity among the general population. And well, there are good reasons for that.

Any exquisite neutral color like silver looks good on almost all categories of vehicles, and never goes out of style. Moreover, silver cars tend to have a much higher resale value, which is a huge driving factor.

Silver cars require relatively less care and maintenance, since dust, dirt and scratches are less likely to be noticeable. This can be a huge relief if you tend to drive in unfriendly conditions, or simply, are lazy. Furthermore, silver cars reflect a great amount of sunlight, preventing the interior from becoming heated up. Lastly, they blend perfectly into the surroundings and are aesthetically pleasant to look at.

Will red rims look good on a silver car?

Silver cars have the advantage of going well with almost all rim colors, including red. Red rims on silver cars can look absolutely stunning if properly matched. This means that you have to pay attention to the design, category of car and shade of the red rim to make sure that your car pulls off that dashing appearance that you are looking for. This unique combination can look great on muscle cars as it imparts a sporty and semi- aggressive outlook.

If you simply want your silver car to stand out on highways, then again red is your color. For silver cars, we recommend deep and darker shades of red for an ideal end result.

Word of caution: this rash combination is not for everyone. The final choice, after all, depends on the owner and his taste.

Why choose red rims?

Red rims are a comparatively rare sight these days. That being said, it is one of the top choices for someone who wants to make their car stand out. Bright red wheels have been used since the fifties by people who are fond of making their vehicle look unique in a crowd. It not only provides a bold appearance to the car, but also makes it look fancy and valuable.

A car with striking red wheels is sure to turn heads from miles away, and if it is a sports or muscle car, the sight can be thrilling! However, for luxury cars and minivans, you might need to explore a little bit before deciding to put on red rims. You definitely don’t want your vehicle looking hideous.

Red rims, although look superb, require a great deal of care. Even the tiniest of scratches or mud can pop on a color like that. Moreover, you might need to hunt for it as it is not very common.

Best Red Wheel: XD Series By KMC Wheels PIKE

This stunning bright red wheel by KMC is sure to leave everyone in awe. Its exterior is glossy and shiny with a perfectly white that adds to its attraction. It has 8 sleek spokes that have white edges and converge on an optimally sized center cap. The center cap features the brand logo in a contrasting white color, which adds a hint of aggressiveness to this rim.

Cherry on top, there is a one-year warranty on the finish of this wheel. Nonetheless, a sharp and bright shade of red like this one requires a careful thought process before being installed, as it is not compatible with most colors and might end up looking hideous. In terms of durability, this rim is high up on the list.

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Can I paint my rims red?

If you are craving a change and planning to go red with your rims, you might want to consider painting them. As compared to getting new rims, this is a way cheaper option whether you decide to do it yourself or get it done from a professional.

There are a myriad of paint types and qualities that you can pick from, depending on your ultimate goal. These options range from tough strength paint, spray paint, powder coat etc. to much more This allows for better customization as compared to buying red rims. Win-win situation, isn’t it? 

However, for best results you might need to do extensive research on the procedures and experts, otherwise you might end up with a disastrous looking set of wheels.

What other color rims look great on a silver car?


For those of us who are not very fond of flashy combinations and prefer a more elegant look on our vehicles, silver rims might be the best option for a silver car. Silver wheels impart a graceful and timeless look which is soothing to look at. They can make a silver car appear luxurious and magnificent, while making sure that it is not boring. Furthermore, silver rims are easier to clean and maintain, as they tend to hide scratches and dust better and for longer.

Best silver wheel: Mickey Thompson Classic III Wheel

This amazing wheel by Mickey Thompson will look terrific on a silver car. It is built along the lines of modernity, with innovative technology and premium quality products. This rim has a stylish 8 spoke pattern with oval cutouts, that are unique and can make your vehicle stick out.

The center cap of this wheel carries the bold brand logo and adds to its appeal. The selling point of this rim, nonetheless, is its superb finish which is done with great precision and looks exquisite.

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Among the rim colors that never go out of style, black undoubtedly tops the list. No matter what kind of look you plan to pull off, black rims will fulfill all your needs. Black rims on silver car make a charming combination that can grab anybody’s attention. They look regal yet fancy, without even the slightest hint of mismatch.

If you want your silver car to appear finely balanced between aggression and luxury, black rims are your absolute go-to. However, care needs to be taken as scratches, scrapes and dust is prominent on black rims.

Best black wheel: Verde Wheels Axis Satin Black Wheel

This superb black wheel by Verde excels equally in looks and performance. It has a trendy 5 split spoke pattern, with sleek spokes that are raised near their edges. This makes the wheel look stylish and aggressive, and can be a great addition to your car. The center cap of this rim is compact and placed deeply.

Special attention is paid to the exterior of it, which means that the paint is not only neat and tidy, but also durable. There is a one-year finish warranty with this wheel as well.

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