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Enkei J10 Review

If you’re obsessed about the performance of your car, you’ve probably come across the brand Enkei. Enkei Wheels, arguably the most well-known name in the alloy wheel industry, has been producing wheels for the aftermarket, OEM manufacturers, and race teams for over seven decades. The Enkei name, with its pronunciation as En-Kay, is made up of two Japanese words: enshuu, which is the Japanese term for circumference, or a wheel, and kei, which indicates lightweight.

The Enkei J10 is a motorsports-inspired technical wheel. Its sleek appearance, with a stepped lip and stunningly smooth black or silver finishes, is made possible by an astounding 10 spoke pattern. When it comes to selecting rims for their track stars, professional racing teams with large sponsors never have to cut back on spending. But value is just as crucial as visuals for the rest of us on a tight budget. They are budget-friendly and boldly styled and come in a variety of attractive finishes.


Enkei’s wheels are never simply for show, which is one of the coolest things about them. Undoubtedly, they look beautiful, but the profile of Enkei wheels is always dictated by function; they are built for power and efficiency.

You should upgrade to Enkei J10 Wheels if you’re searching for a low-cost aesthetic modification. Other than function, Enkei prioritizes wheel aesthetics by using the most up-to-date colors, accents, and trims. There are a variety of sizes to pick from, including 15′′, 16′′, 17′′, and 18′′. 

The colors available for this wheel are Black, Black with Machined Lip, Matte Black with Machined Lip, Matte Silver, Silver, and Silver Machined. Their unique design and sharp colors will stand your ride apart from the rest. The J10 Rims include a tight 10-spoke design, machined outer lip, and branded center cap for a striking look that isn’t too pricey.


Enkei is serious about wheel development and design, establishing its own set of stringent quality standards known as Spec-E to ensure that its wheels are resistant to impact and rotary bending. 

Enkei Performance wheels are considerably more intricate in their style, but they deliver the latest in design and are developed for high-performing daily use automobiles. The Performance series includes designs that range from OEM-like to dramatic and detailed, such as the Vortex 5 wheel.

But there have been some concerns of unexpected deflations occurring with the OEM 17″ wheels. Another disadvantage of J10s is the special lug tool required for installation – so you’ll have to make sure anyone who works on our car returns it or you won’t be able to remove the wheels later.

Sizes and Configurations

The J10 is available with 15” to 18” wheel diameters and popular PCDs such as 4×100, 5×100, 5×114.3. They are also extremely lightweight for the sizes. For example: the 17×7 inch wheel has a weight of 18.5 pounds an the 15×6.5 weighs just14.5 pounds. There are a variety of sizes to pick from, including 15′′, 16′′, 17′′, and 18′′. 

For the 15×6.5 inch wheel, click here.

For the 16×7 inch option, click here.

For the 17 x 7 inch size, click here.

For the 17 x 7.5 inch wheel, click here.

For the 18×7.5 inch wheel, click here.

The largest size is 18 x 7.5 inches with a 40mm offset. Speaking of sizes, the lug holes are very small in diameter, necessitating the purchase of spline style lug nuts as well as a special splined wrench. In order to avoid the hassle of going to the market again, you should order the nuts along with the wheels.

Load Capacity

In the production of the Enkei J10 series, no shortcuts were taken. Enkei builds these customs out of high-quality aluminum for maximum strength, rigidity, and weight savings. The wheels are light and nimble, with the strength to handle the rigors of the street and the stresses of the highway. This is extremely crucial due to the large amounts of weight transfers that take place during fast cornering or the stresses involved with tire flex during drifting.


A lifetime structural warranty is included with the Enkei J10 Performance Wheels. They are resistant to damage caused by severe heat and pressure, and their lightweight design allows the vehicle to accelerate more quickly. They’re made of premium aluminum and made with innovative procedures to provide the highest capacity, elasticity, and wear resistance. They’re built to Enkei’s stringent Spec-E quality standards for long-term durability in harsh environments.  

Enkei J10 Rims fit a variety of vehicles, from classic coupes to current tuners. You’ll have to just pick the proper size, bolt pattern, and offset. You can choose from a variety of new finishes for even more personalization.


These fantastic wheels are in the intermediate price level. It ranges in price from $400 to $600 for a set of four wheels, and from $100 to $180 for each wheel, depending on the specs. When compared to similar high-quality wheels in the same price range, the J10 wheel is a better buy. Most hatchbacks, coupes, and sedans can be fitted with J10’s variety of wheel sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets.

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