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Black Rims (wheels) on a White Car – Do they look good?

A number of studies conducted in various parts of the world in the past year revealed that white remained the preferred choice of colors in vehicles. It is not entirely astonishing, given the overwhelming number of white cars that we see on the roads almost daily. Although one can link this to the changing fashion trends, there is more to the popularity of this color than just that.

White is a neutral and soothing color which matches the taste of the majority. On cars, it not only looks exquisite but also regal. Furthermore, scratches and slight bumps are less likely to be noticed on white color than on most others. A white car tends to blend into the surrounding in a much better way, since it is not sharp.

 For all these reasons and the fact that repaints are much less noticeable on them, white cars are known to have a higher resale value, which itself is a plus.

Will black rims look good on white cars?

Black rims on white cars means a sharp contrast, which can be a game-changer for most vehicles. If you are bored of your dull and mundane white vehicle, a nice set of graceful black rims can spice up the entire look. This is especially true for luxury cars and SUVs, since black rims exponentially increase the sportiness as well as magnificence of the vehicle. Both matte and shiny black finishes will look equally amazing on a white car, making it look aggressive and noticeable yet elegant.

Why choose black rims?

In the world of rims, black color holds a separate fan base. Majority of the rims that you would see on a daily basis are black, and for legitimate reasons. It not only goes well with every type and color of vehicle, but also adds immensely to its charm. A nice set of these wheels can make your car stand out since nothing speaks luxury like black! In addition, a huge variety of rims are available in this color which increases your options.

Nonetheless, great care has to be taken in the case of black wheels, since scratches and scrapes tend to be more prominent on these. At the same time, however, dirt is less likely to be noticeable, so overall it is not a bad deal.

Best Black Wheel: Mickey Thompson Classic III Wheel

This iconic wheel by Mickey Thompson is one of the top-rated black wheels available today. It has a unique and modern construction which makes it stand out among the rest. The satin black finish of this rim is regal and can make any vehicle look luxurious in no time. It has a trendy 8 spoke pattern, with attention-grabbing oval cutouts.

Further attraction is added by the center cap of this wheel, which is conspicuous and carries the brand logo. The overall design of this wheel imparts an aggressive yet magnificent look, which can be a great addition to your car. Not just that, this wheel and its finish are both highly durable, which is a hallmark of wheels by Mickey Thompson.

Can I paint my rims black?

If you are drawn towards black rims and want to get them, you don’t really need to rush to a garage or spend your precious bucks buying new ones. You can easily paint your rims black, which is a much more fun and economical way.

The steps involved are cleaning, sanding and then applying a primer. The key to a finely painted rim is to pay special attention to these preparation steps. A layer of the desired paint is then applied and a layer of clear coat is added to impart the shine and protection.

Although painting rims at home is easy and cheap, it requires great precision and care for best results. Otherwise, your rims can turn out to be awful. Moreover, it is imperative to invest in a good quality, high strength paint. Thus, seeking the help of a professional is highly recommended.

What other color rims look great on a white car?

Here are two other carefully thought-out colors for your white car:

1. Chrome

For a white car, chrome is undoubtedly the safest and most timeless rim color. It provides the vehicle with all the glory and appeal that it needs, without looking even slightly overdone. Chrome wheels on a white car make a simple yet attractive combination, with the added advantage of overall easy maintenance since dents and scratches are less noticeable. Chrome rims are also widely available in various designs and sizes, which is a great upside.

Best wheel in chrome color: Moto Metal MO962 Wheel with Chrome Finish

This edgy wheel by Moto Metals is designed in an innovative manner, combining aggressiveness with class. It has 8 wide spokes and a slightly raised center cap which features the brand logo. The designing of this wheel allows it to go perfectly with all sorts of looks of the vehicle which makes it an ideal choice. Moreover, it is also available in various sizes and a number of bolt patterns.

The finish of this wheel is neatly done, which makes it even more charming. Furthermore, it is also backed by a generous lifetime structural and one-year finish warranty.

2. Graphite

Graphite wheels won over the wheel industry as soon as they were introduced. They add a unique touch to whatever vehicle they are used on, without compromising the grace. Graphite rims on white cars can look absolutely stunning and provide a luxurious and regal look. They provide the car with a modern and sleek touch, and can make it grab attention from far away.

If you want your white car to pull off a royal appearance, matte graphite rims are your go-to. Nonetheless, this aesthetic appeal comes at a cost, since you have to pay special attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of a graphite rim.

Best wheel in graphite color: Verde Custom Wheels V99 Axis Matte Graphite Wheel

This amazing wheel by Verde has a modern and sleek construction that can instantly transform the entire look of your vehicle. It has a 5 split spoke pattern, with the spokes slightly raised as they reach the lip. The center cap of this wheel is compact and placed deeply, which provides it with a classy touch. This superb wheel is available in sizes ranging from 19 to 22 inches, and various offsets and bolt configurations.

It has a strong build which allows it to withstand unfriendly driving conditions as well. Furthermore, it comes with a generous warranty. Verde wheels are actually known for their quality and a complete brand review has also been done.