The Tesla Semi Event .. Or was that a Roadster Event!

Elon Musk wasn’t kidding when he claimed that the Tesla Semi Event would blow our minds away. It DID! Read all about that night right here!
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The Tech Blog - By Robin M.

In the world of disruptive tech there is no other more famous person alive than Elon Musk. A genius in his own right and someone who is literally shaping the future of the world with his multiple companies that are each doing the most amazing things. Tesla is driving to make the electric car cool; SpaceX is making space travel affordable; Hyperloop is making long distance and super fast land travel affordable; the Boring Company that is solving traffic congestion in overcrowded streets by attaching skates to cars in an underground tunnel to speed them across the city and many more. So you catch my drift of the kind of impact he’s having on the world.

In this article I explore the latest release from Elon via Tesla – The Tesla Semi and wait for it, a surprise reveal of the Tesla Roadster. As a techie, this was the…

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