What is Air Dam and Front Splitter?

Race cars have a plethora of devices attached to them. This short article is your one stop guide to what each one of these carbon fiber bits and bobs does to the car. Enjoy!!

Geeky Motorists

The concept of Aerodynamics in cars is very intriguing. Every single curve can dictate the performance, efficiency and so on and so forth. The air flow management is critical and takes years of practice to master.

Let me show some very basic aerodynamic components of a race car.

AMG_GT3_Parts All sorted for you! Mercedes-Benz

The parts are as follows:

  1. Front Splitter
  2. Air Dam
  3. Dive plates (Front Downforce and Air boundary layer on the sides of the car)
  4. Front hood air exit path
  5. Side Air Intake (Could cool the radiator and power unit in mid-engine cars, or to assist with the airflow behind the car)
  6. Front fender Air outlet (For relieving excess pressure caused due to tire rotation)
  7. Rear Wing (Down Force)
  8. Side Sills

However, here I am going to tell you guys the difference between the Front Splitter and the Air Dam.

RearArse That is just plain stunning! Automobil-mag

The splitter

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