Ferrari threatens to quit F1!

Scuderia Ferrari, a byword for Formula 1 has dropped plans to quit F1 in the near future. The intimidation came along after the recent engine regulation changes for the 2021 F1 Season.

Mercedes have expressed their concerns too, saying the engine regulations will pave way for a ‘needless arms race’. Renault have not held back with their concerns either. Ferrari will be racing until 2020, but there onwards there is no guarantee.

The decision is far from final. All F1 teams will be meeting again with liberty on Tuesday, where further discussions would be made. Whatever the outcome, we wouldn’t want to see the greatest team in F1 leave the show.

The decision and statements by Sergio Marchionne can be seen here.

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One thought on “Ferrari threatens to quit F1!

  1. they are little girls playing a mans game ….just because they are not winning.they know how this work so why leave…the rules are for every team big or up!!


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