Hennessey Venom F5 is here!!

Bugatti Chiron. That’s what John Hennessey and his team is planning to hunt down and devour with their latest creation. It’s called the F5. For those of you wondering what that is supposed to mean, F5 is a very potent tornado, clocking over 300mph. It’s no coincidence then, that is exactly what the F5 is designed to do.

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300 mph.


Only a handful of these are going to ever see the daylight. The F5 comes as the successor to the famous Hennessey Venom GT! The previous top speed record holder, that beat the Bugatti Veyron Supersport. If you want to get the numbers here is everything you need to know.

7.4 L Supercharged V8

1600 American Horsepower

1300lb-ft of torque

1338 kg

1.6 Million USD

0-186 mph in 10 seconds

Top speed of 300 mph

The car was unveiled in SEMA this week, and will be on display there for a couple of days. So what are you waiting for? Pack bags for Vegas.


This is John. He builds fast cars.

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