The Mustang Diaries – 2 Years & 75,000 KM Later!

There’s a photo of a mustang on my bedroom Vision Board for 15 years since the year 2000. I’ve been dreaming about the Mustang ever since I saw Eleanor in ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, I believe it was then that my fascination with Muscle Cars grew all the way till an unhealthy obsession. Mustang Dash - 50 Year BadgeThe Fast and Furious movies definitely did not help my obsession. I still can’t quite put my finger on what it is that fascinates me though – is it the design, the big engine or the roar of one, the ‘classic-ness’ of it; just don’t know. All I know is that I love my Mustang and also love driving my Mustang – mentioned separately since both of those things deserve attention.

Mustang Seat - 50 Year EmbossIn this article I describe my experience with my 50-Year Edition Mustang Eco-Boost Premium (2015, Silver) – DO NOT be shocked, I am aware it’s a 4-cylinder turbo charged engine, it was the best choice for me in the long term. I’ve decided to break down my experience like so:

  • Look – Well it is a beautiful car, so this has to be talked about
  • Feel – Been driving it for 75,000+ KM so have some opinions here too
  • Practicality – To drive as much as I do and have, it had to be practical, hence this
  • Verdict – Summing it all up for the lazy ones to skim to (No, DO NOT SKIM)

Show your love for the most iconic car with these:


The Look

2015-11-14 15.42.22
My Eleanor

The Mustang has been iconic ever since it was released i.e. no matter what the design, the Mustang Logo carries some weight behind it; keep in mind though this is a blessing & a curse. For the 50th Year redesign Ford could not afford to get it wrong, especially since the Challenger & the Camaro (arch nemesis’) have also recently got redesigns and look spectacular. Moray Callum, Ford VP of Design, and Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Company, knew the unique challenge they had and delivered a true masterpiece.

The widened exterior stance, the lowered body, the retention of the iconic Mustang body of old – the 1965 original. The interior made to look like the cockpit of a fighter plane with toggle switches, the speedometer mentioning ‘Ground Speed’ as if it could grow wings and just take off any second. These are things of course that wow in pictures of course, but are more breath taking in person. And I can tell you after 75,000 KM, I still feel like a teenager when I put my foot on that pedal.

The Feel

Mustang Speedo & Steer
Eleanor – Speedo & Steering

When sitting in a muscle car, especially as an enthusiast, what is most important is how powerful you feel behind the wheel. Usually a V8 does most of the trick, but this had to be more than that – with this they had to make a statement. And so in keeping with the changing pace of the world, they decided to make a Mustang with 4 Cylinders, a Turbo charger and most of the car world said blasphemy. What they didn’t understand then as they do now is that Ford had a bigger vision for the Mustang than any predecessor for the 50 Year mark – A car that anyone can drive and enjoy, a car that contains all the fun of owning and driving a Mustang without any of the exhaustion of driving one. Properly insulated internally from the engine, with some of the current tech and gizmo’s available to ensure comfort when driving long distances and an engine that can support those long drives. Efficiency and not just power was the focus. They even went through the trouble of channeling ‘engine sound’ into the speakers for the drivers and passengers to ensure the ‘feel’ isn’t lost. 310 BHP, 0-100 KM/HR in roughly less than 5.5 sec and about 550 KM on average on full tank of gas – this Mustang was made for me. After having visited the showroom for the 50th time (at least I’m sure) I finally found the Mustang that spoke to me, and with a little push from my partner in life I put the money I saved up down and now own my very own .. Eleanor! A love story for the ages I’m sure.

As far as tool kits go:


Mustang Center Console
Eleanor – Centre Console

What defines practicality? I define it as a car that I would not only love to drive everyday, but at the same time do not regret driving everyday. And this is the one, the only reason I have clocked 75KM on the Odometer is for the pure joy of driving, especially since I live 10 min from work. Have driven it till the end of the dial and the control on the car is phenomenal. The wide tires and the sleek design just cut through air like a bullet. The muscular look and the beaming lights ensure people just move out of the way without having to ask mostly because of the sheer respect. The sequential LED’s at the back ensure drivers don’t ‘interrupt’ when I decide to change lanes.

The only non-practical things are the LED horses that shine on the ground next to the door from under the side view mirrors – who am I kidding, they’re the most practical of all. The little surprise WOW factor that not everyone knows about and usually gathers the interest of every passer by.

The Verdict

I am of course a biased writer here, no doubt about that, but very few aren’t, especially after having seen this beauty. This quite simply is a legend of a car that will be remembered for having an iconic design, a unique build overall, a first on many undertakings and still a daily driver. As a Tech Enthusiast, the only thing that interests me apart from this is a Tesla and yet I am not in love with that either.

The Mustang at my Wedding
Eleanor at my wedding!

This is the Mustang I want to propose to my future wife in, the Mustang that I want to drive to my wedding in (instead of the cliche limousine) – and guess what, I have!! 

I aim to keep this amazing beast for the next 50 years if not more, which I know is a crazy dream – but then again there was a time when owning a Mustang was a far away dream as well! 

Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing it, feel free to share, leave a like, comment, question or otherwise. Thanks!

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Cheers! 🙂

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