Mercedes AMG Project One – The first tide of the new wave of supercars.

Formula 1. The biggest and the brashest sport of them all. With millions of dollars spent on the slightest of developments, it’s safe to say that the competition is pretty tight. With contenders at the top like Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes AMG Petronas making remarkable strides by the second, their cars are truly technical masterpieces. It’s only ambitious to bring this technology to the road. But, that hasn’t stopped some brave hearts from trying.

In all its glory

Welcome, the Mercedes AMG Project-One. A $2.7 Million car.

Come again. Can it do some vertical take-off maneuvers?

Does it fly?

For you Hamilton Fans out there:

It does. On the road. With the engine being cherry-picked from Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 Championship winning car, it’s truly like nothing else out there. It is quite simply put a Formula 1 car for the road.

Gaze and Gulp

Headline figures include the price, the price again, 1.6L Turbocharged V6 shelling out a cool 1000bhp, 0-200kph in under 6 seconds. Six. S-I-X.  Oh and that small thing of 11,000 rpm redline, which is borderline superbike county.

Stripped out

The powertrain also has all the gizmos, such as the MGU-H and the MGU-K. This supplement the engine to break through the time-zones and cause an ever so slight paradigm shift. The car has 4 electric motors too, that fill in for the sight moments when the V6 is not producing maximum torque, for instance, during acceleration. There is one motor that spins the crankshaft. Another for the Turbocharger. Two other motors that help with the front wheels. It’s quite clever you see. And to top it all off, the car can run in full electric mode too. This really is car from the future.


The interior is on another level altogether. With the F1 style steering wheel being the main centre of attention. With the design language we see how the interior aims to be pretty minimalistic, yet functional. And that’s fine. After all this is supposed to be a drivers car. Those seats are bolted directly on to the MonoCoque too, to make you feel like an F1 driver.

The Aerodynamics on this car is quite clever too. Numerous air-intakes and active aerodynamic elements are drizzled throughout the car. But a detailed look on the aero package of this car for another day.

The shark fin is a neat little addition

It’s the most bizarre technical exercise. The Automotive world was blown away after the launch of the holy-trinity half a decade ago. The Project-ONE renders eats and spits them over to the middle of last year.

Danke schön Mercedes.

Love Mercedes AMG Petronas?


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