McLaren Automotive- A look back into where it all started.

McLaren Automotive is a relatively new supercar company. With its first proper supercar being rolled out just over five years ago, it may not have been a match for Ferrari or Porsche when it comes to pure pedigree and bucket loads of heritage, passion and the like. But, don’t for one second even think that they use technology from yesteryear. They don’t. Oh No!

More of a Laboratory, Innit?

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If anything, McLarens have always been shoved with technology, enough to make them look futuristic in 10 years time. These cars from Woking have always rewritten the rules when it comes to the latest technology and gadgets. You could even say that they are SURREYal (working on it).

The inception with the MP4-12C

The saga started all the way back in 2011 with the McLaren MP4-12C. Set out to rival the 458, it did achieve some success. Despite the bonkers performance and futuristic Carbon MonoCoque, 12C failed to arouse the emotional side of those who drove it. McLaren, however, was built on a different ethos altogether, or so they said.

They wanted to make the best supercar to live with every day. Something you can drive around in the city, and throw it around on the track. That they did. With the kinetic suspension, the MP-12C served up rides you could only enjoy somewhere neat the Rolls Royce in the automotive food chain. You can learn more about them here.

MP4-12C Suspension

The story was pretty much similar with the 650S. The 675LT was bloody brilliant and drew a lot of interest.  With used McLaren 675LT selling at high 6 figure, it’s pretty much clear how valuable these cars have become.

The 650S, MP4-12C with some tweaks here and there

The 675LT. Radical Much?

And of course, there was the Hypercar. If not, THE HYPERCAR. The P1.With the P1, they pretty much cemented their position in the supercar sphere for the foreseeable future. The P1 set out to rival the best from Ferrari (LaFerrari) and Porsche(918 Spyder) earned its position to fill the final spot in the Automotive Holy Trinity.

The McLaren P1.

With the new McLaren 720S, they are set to do all of that, again. ProActive Chassis Control 2, takes the knowledge of suspension and vehicle dynamics to another level. Thanks to the findings of a five-year study by Ph.D. students at The University of Cambridge., the 720S has immense control, and cornering abilities. The car uses 12 more sensors in the wheel hubs. These along with the ‘optimal controller’ sets up the optimal damping for any situation and significantly bumps up the cornering and grip performances.

A new direction for the brand with the new 720S

The 720S also has the famous MonoCell 2, similar to what was offered in the P1 Hypercar. The roof is now included the this Carbon Fiber MonoCoque as well and now offers unbelievable stiffness levels. These are incredible things and unheard of on this side of the pond.

ProActive Chassis Control II

McLaren still produces some of the finest cars right now. With their Sports Series, that consists of the 540C, 570 GT, and the 570S, the brand is branching out and is more diverse than ever before.

McLaren Sports Series

I love these cars. I do respect the McLaren brand. In just half a decade time they are turning in profits and still pushing boundaries. What a time we live in? Technology being exploited and pushed to its known limits and then some to achieve the last tenths.

So what does the future hold for the brand?

The company is evolving day by day. No! By the second. They are working on a top secret car, Codenamed the BP23. Reminiscent of the McLaren F1, but brought alive to rival the Mercedes-Benz AMG Project ONE, Aston Martin Valkyrie, and anything else out there. It should be revealed in an years time. Until then, we drool over their current range.

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