What is a Nitrox Suspension?

Shock absorbers have played a very important role in the working of  a suspension for quite a while. You can read about their working here.

Working of a Shock Absorber

To understand what a Nitrox Suspension is, let’s look at the downfall of a regular shock absorber.

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A shock absorber is filled with damping fluid. The movement of the piston in the cylinder is responsible for the dampening effect. As you know, the oil within the shock absorber is endowed with the task of absorbing the shocks. But, over time they are known to form air bubbles and thus reducing the dampening effect. This was what gave the way to the Nitrox Suspension.

The Nitrox Suspension

As the name suggests, this system uses Nitrogen gases. A cylinder containing pressurised Nitrogen gas is fixed alongside the spring and shock absorber unit. This gas assists in preventing cavitation, or bubble formation within the system. The Nitrogen gas container also stores some shock absorber fluid and helps in keeping the form constant throughout without resulting in any foaming. This is the Nitrox Suspension.

A cut-away of the Nitrox Suspension

For the petrol-head in you:

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