The Anglo-German Marriage We’ve Been Waiting For

The big brash British brand got us when they announced the new deal with Mercedes Benz. Their last generation of luxury GTs never really rivaled anything when it came to a technology warfare. Despite having an incredibly well-crafted body and a timeless design, the electronics, gearbox and creature comforts were all from the early pages of pre-history. Towards 2015 this started becoming more and more noticeable. With the older DB9, the age was much more prominent and it was about time for a plastic surgery.

Show your support for (Aston Martin Racing) AMR:

So, with the DB11, Aston made good friends at Stuttgart and cracked a deal for supplying them with electronics, switch gears and other bits and bobs of the interior. The DB11 was the first test mule. And what a way to get the party started. I am not writing about the DB11 because I haven’t driven one (and won’t be for quite some time).

Surely this is what Bond wants. No sorry, needs. Bit of both

a WHIFF of Stuttgart

A quick peek into the British Brand with this Stellar Read:

The evidence of the deal was clearly visible. The Navigation, the centre console controls were all very familiar.

The Navigation system was there too. Thank god the Volvo unit was replaced.

So, this was the 5.0 L V12. That we love. LOVE!

But, what we always knew and what we always craved for was an Aston with an AMG howling V8. This was what we were all waiting for.

Sure enough a few weeks ago Aston Martin announced a new DB11. DB11 V8. An Aston Martin with an AMG Twin Turbo V8. Let that sink in..

Lurking Discretely

Design remains very familiar

The changes at the front include darker headlight surroundings, two hood scoops as opposed to 4 on the V12. The wheels have been given a darker look too. But around the back, the changes are a tad bit more vivid.

The V8’s rear

The V12’s rear

Which of these would you have? That’s a very personal choice. If I had the money, I would get the V8. The idea of a Mercedes AMG engine in an Aston Martin branded car is as desirable as objects can be? Unless AMG makes a V12 that is.

Love Lewis Hamilton? You NEED this cap then:

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