Things you need to know about Tesla Model 3!

Elon Musk; The real life Ironman. That is the aptest introduction I can give. While most of us are busy eating fries, fooling around on a Sunday afternoon, this chap builds rockets. And solar roofs. And Tesla. And maybe even a time machine, who knows?
Tesla, and I’ll take no argument on this one, has definitely made the choice of a battery powered car a much more attractive option. Their cars are chuffing magic. And if you’re willing to be generous with ticks while buying your Tesla online, you can get a seriously fast car.

This man wants to colonise Mars by 2040. Talk about ambitions huh?

I am talking about speeds that put the greatest supercars to shame. The Model S and the Model X are absolutely stunning creations.  Making cars dripping with technology has been in the bloodstream of Tesla since its very inception.
The New Model 3 is no exception. Elon wanted to call this the Model E. That’s S E X line-up. Sadly, due to a few legal issues, that idea never materialized.


No matter. The car is a pocket rocket. I don’t want to quote numbers. But, I’ll touch on the price. A mere 35,000 USD. If you have some extra cash to burn, you could pump it all the way up to a 58,000 USD price tag. Can’t imagine why some one would do that. That’s in the Model S territory.

The Model 3 is the next big step to an electric future.

The model 3, opens up new horizons for the company. With Model 3 selling like hot-cakes, Tesla is already expecting 14 billion dollars in revenue. The company is having a hard time meeting demand, and are hard at work to sell half a million units every year. With deliveries starting, the car has proven to be an immense success. Say what you want about electric cars. But, it’s about time that we accept the future and pay attention to the electric car revolution. Bottom-line of all this: Expect fewer Priuses.

A sneak peak into the future of automotive industry

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