Bonkers Baku – Part 2


After Ricciardo made up 3 places into one corner in what was arguably the move that won him the race, Massa’s car broke a rear damper and he had to retire from the race. From there on, the race delved into chaos as there were overtakes all around. One person who didn’t seem to be affected was Hamilton, who was cruising to victory by a country mile.

Vettel was surprised by the penalty

However, his head rest had decided it wanted to wobble around. This meant he had to drive with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on his head rest at around 300 kmph. Soon, the stewards decided it was dangerous enough having an unsecured headrest and one handed driving was even more unsafe so they ordered him to come into the pits and get it fixed. Around the same time, Vettel got hit with a 10 second stop/go penalty.

Hamilton had a very silly issue at the wrong time that cost him the race

Here’s a bit of numbers, bear with me. Hamilton came into the pits and spent 9.3 seconds in his pit box getting his head rest fixed. Vettel came into the pits a couple of laps and spent 10 seconds in his pit box. However, Vettel came out ahead of Lewis, essentially making this an overcut. Soon after the pair came out, the top 8 were covered by 8 different constructors, something that is rarely seen in this era.  Eventually, the trio of Bottas, Hamilton and Vettel pushed up to P3,4,5 before Bottas pipped Stroll to P2.

This relationship is never the same again

While all this was going on, there were so many overtakes all over the track that the camera simply could not keep up with all the action. At the end of the race, pretty much every car had some form of damage on it. For Vettel’s antics under the safety car, he received 3 penalty points taking his total up to 9 for the one year period. This means that one more penalty in Austria will see him banned for the race in Silverstone.

Few metres separated the championship contenders

We do not know what future has in store for us. What we do know for certain is that this race was bonkers and is definitely a contender for race of the season.



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