What is it about a stick and three pedals?

No! Manuals are not always better. Three pedals and a stick in the middle is the very essence of driving and is everything we love about it. Agreed! But, why do you think manufacturers are shying away from them? Customers very rarely, almost never spec Automatic Transmission

A Gated Manual Shifter

The paddle shifters have divided the car community

Manual cars inherently shift slower than an automated transmission box.  A classic case in point, the Lamborghini Gallardo. The Gallardo was launched with a manual gearbox and Lamborghini’s E-Gear. A huge chunk of the 14,000 people who bought one. took the paddle shifters. Sad. The Italian Marque is never going back to the stick again.


Lamborghini fought with the manual till the Gallardo was replaced with the Huracan

Ferrari has stated that they are never taking a U-Turn back to the stick. The Ferrari F430 was the last true Ferrari with a manual. I say the last true one because a very limited run of manual Ferrari Californias was produced. That thing should have been called Ferrari Paris Hilton. Maybe it was codenamed that. Whatever.

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The Ferrari California. YUCK!

Thankfully, Porsche is one of those companies that still listens to its core fanbase. We know this because of what unravelled with the Porsche GT3. The last 911 GT3 was launched in a PDK as the only flavour. Porsche aficionados left their jobs and protested. Porsche listened closely. They answered these poor souls with the 911 R. And the new 911 GT3. That has the manual box as an option for you to tick, should you find yourself with an excess of 200,000 USD.

A GT3 with no manual box. Whaaaaat?

The 911 R has an old school Manual Box. As the only option. Danke Stuttgart.

Modern supercars are fast. Really Fast. With the benchmark soon approaching 300mph, we just can’t have a manual. Take the 812 Superfast (My New Favourite Car) for instance. A 789 horsepower time capsule. You would have to have ninja fast reactions to keep up if it was fitted with a manual. Shift times will be nowhere as fast as the Dual Clutch Box. Save the hassle. Get a paddle shifter.
Still, want a manual? Get the Toyota GT-86. Or the 911R if your pocket is as deep as the Mariana Trench.

The Toyota GT-86 is a rear wheel drive with a manual box

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If you’re into racing games, then do check out this setup by Logitech.

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