All you need to know about ABS!

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon. You and your mates are off for a nice cruise along the countryside. The sun is shining. Birds chirping. Beatles on the stereo. Out of the blue, you have a situation and you stamp on the brakes. This is where the magic of ABS, gives you a helping hand.

Check your dashboard for one of these

ABS or Anti-lock Braking System has saved millions of lives all around the world. The System is extremely clever and is now a standard equipment in all the latest cars.

Disk Brakes

Imagine you have to slow down fast. The brake pads cling on to the disk and may end up locking the brakes. This can cause the vehicle to transition itself into sliding motion. The Steering wheel can no longer be used to direct the car to avert danger, due to locking.

Effect of ABS

The system uses wheel speed sensors mounted on all four corners of the car. The Wheel speed sensor is capable of sensing sliding motion and sets off the circuit. An ABS control module does the job of altering the pressures effectively.

An ABS Control Module

Sensors mounted on all wheels

ABS effectively alters the pressure in the brake lines and hence varies the pressure by which the brake pads clip the disk. They can change the pressure multiple times a second. This cannot be achieved by humans, hence a computer assistance is welcome. This not only reduces the braking distance but also helps you steer the car while braking.

Results speak for themselves

ABS can be found in both cars and bikes and Is a very primitive safety system. They have evolved and are combined with various other safety systems. Traction Control, Electronic Braking Distribution, Electronic Stability Program are some other safety systems that came over in the following years.

Danke technologie!


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