Cars 3. Everything done right!

It’s been 11 long years since the very first Cars. It won our hearts right away. Lightning McQueen and the Hudson Hornet did all they could to bring a younger generation into the car scene. Radiator Springs. Aah! Heaven.

10 on 10 for this one

Sadly, the second instalment; Cars 2 was a total flop. It was nothing like the first one. A total disappointment. It didn’t have a plot whatsoever and was a total snooze fest.

Absolute Disappointment.

Hopes were high then, for the latest movie.

Lightning McQueen returns as a grandpa. Newer cars enter the race and that leaves the veterans nowhere. McQueen finds himself with a new sponsor and gets a whole new livery [Surprise Livery At The End]. The movie is very kid friendly and has a dollop of emotions dialled into it.  Owen Wilson does a great job as McQueen. As Usual.

11 on 10. Maybe 12

Cruz Ramirez is a new character and adds a sweet little side to the movie. Lewis Hamilton also makes a surprise appearance as Cruz’s assistant. A bit like Siri for a car that tracks Lightning’s performance data. The movie surrounds these too, and their training to defeat Storm..

Great pairing through and through

Lewis Hamilton continues his off-track magic with Cars 3

The Arch Nemesis

All in all, a genuinely nice movie. Watch this one. You won’t regret it. You just won’t. Disney and Pixar have done an impeccable job! Thumbs UP!

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