Water. A tank full of it. That is what separates your boring car from this. Allow me to elaborate. But, before that you need to know something. The M4 GTS is a commercial flop. Big Time.

Still the smartest kid in town. And the most fun.

The reviews were all horrid. Terrible. They say, the ride is harsh. The suspension can’t be electrically adjusted. The pace is nowhere near it’s rivals. The 911 GT3RS, spits this thing to the middle of last October.


That said, I am a sucker for cool tech. And this engine has got one. Water, that you an I drink can cool things. Which is why you splash it on your face after an hour in the Gym. BMW took that logic into the engine. The intake is sprayed with water droplets. This cools the cylinders.

Water sprayed at super high pressure into the intake

They allow for higher compression ratios. They also allow the usage of lower octane fuels. The engine has more oxygen inside it too. More oxygen equals more combustion.  What all this means is, you have more German horses at your disposal.

Cool right?

Well, they mucked it up. The container which houses 50L of your precious fluid, is in the trunk. This makes this thing even more practical. Or was it the other way round? I am confused now. Just like this car.

Water tank in the boot

Much more work to do in Bavaria then!

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