F1 in 2020

Modern F1 Engines are incredibly complicated. It is a labyrinth. They have been a constant pain in the back side for the engineers, and have also led to the weight increment. Not a few kilos. Oh No! A massive 100 kilos over the V8 era. That is not small.

Cars from the V10 Era

Manufacturers constantly find themselves pouring in millions and millions of dollars into the research and development required to manufacture these another worldly beasts.  The current power-train also requires much more work to be put in by the drivers and the engineers. They have led to the sport evolving in to energy saving carnival.

Modern cars have been all about saving energy and improving efficiency

With all this in mind, the Engine regulations are set to receive a major face over in 2020. Talks have been going on and will continue to happen for some time regarding the noise produced by these engines. Some find it too mundane. They sure has hell sound nothing like the V8 and V10 cars we had a while ago.

The current MGU-K and MGU-H systems are over complicated and have been driving the engineers crazy ever since their inception in 2014. The fact that MGU-K can work with the constant help from MGU-H only adds to this entanglement.

Potential extinction of RedBull post 2020 is sad

The manufacturers demand the engines to be cheaper and less complicated or it could lead to withdrawal of teams like Red-Bull from the sport, who do not make their own engines. They rely on major manufacturers like Renault for their powertrain.

a great bond so far..

Nevertheless, future is not bleak for us F1 Fans. The takeover by liberty has only conceived some great decisions and the sport is more fan involved than ever.

Kudos for that!



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