F1 Engine | through the years..

F1 is the pinnacle of automotive engineering. The bright and wide canvas, for the upper stratosphere of automotive engineers, to paint their masterpieces. Like those spoilers and wings on the rear end of your car? Where do you think that came from eh? Even the safety aspect of your car owes its very existence to early racers.

F1 Steering wheels are a bit more complicated. Just a tad bit.

Just the brakes. Nothing to see here.


It really is the future. Want to know what your car will have in the next 20 years. Look into Formula 1. An F1 car possesses all those innovations right now, that you will be seeing in another 10 years. Maybe 40. Yes! They are THAT advanced. A huge technical leap forwards into the distant future, where cars will drive itself, and us humans sit in it like an absolutely useless pile of meat.
History lesson out of the way, today I write about the heart of every F1 car.

The ECU? 

Nope. But yeah.. that should have been it. But no! It’s the engine.

The Lancia D50, won the championship under Fangio

The Formula 1 engines have evolved through the years. Since the 1940s all sorts of engines have shown their faces on the tracks. In the 1980s we had the 6 cylinder turbocharged engines wrestling their way through the streets of Monaco. Agreed by many, this was the greatest era of the sport. The battles were fought more than one way, and so were the championships.

Lotus 72D


Honda did great stuff back in the 80s

The early 2000s saw the dawn of the V10. Two cylinders were then chopped off, and turbo bolted on to give the v8 era. Last of the better sounding cars. Fast forward 2014, we were blessed(ahem!) with the V6 Turbo. Here to stay till 2020.

 A Ferrari V10. oooooh!

Detailed analysis on the engines of today in the next post.


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