The Ferrari 488 GTB. Perfecto!

The Ferrari 458 is my favourite ever car. I blabbered on forever here, why I love it, and why it is the best thing in the world, after cheese crust pizza, obviously. I liked the speciale reincarnation too. The Roadster version of the hard-core version of an already bonkers piece of kit was a pleasant thing too. They trade hands at 700,00 of your hard earned British Pounds nowadays.

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It is arguably the best car in the past 10 years. Every single thing it was pitted against pretty much gave up. Even the McLaren MP4-12C. But that battle for another day.


The Spider Version Of The Hard-core Version Of The 458

To bring a replacement for the 458 then, was not easy. But, Ferrari has done it. And this one is even better.

Benvenuto, Ferrari 488!

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It looks better. I have heard both of these cars. They sound spectacular. The 488 is not just another replacement though. Attached to the V8 are tiny little Turbos. People went Mad.

What the hell? Turbo? In a Ferrari?

“No”, says Ferrari. The Turbo if anything, makes the 488 better than the 458. The new one is immensely fast. It just walks past the 458. One thing that definitely bothered the journalists was the potential existence of Turbo-Lag.

For Geeks out there:

A Turbo Lag, is effectively the delay between pinning the accelerator and getting the power. This exists because, a turbo works only because it is spun by the exhaust gases. Eliminating turbo lag is not easy, and very few have come close to doing so. 

A Naturally aspirated engine (without any kind of forced induction), does not have this issue. In other words, they are absolutely instant. But the power at higher RPM are the selling point for turbochargers.

Here you can see the main difference between these two cars: The engines

This one goes into the 458

And this one into the 488

See the turbocharger on either side of that beautiful engine. Cool stuff eh? 

I want to remind you right here of another Ferrari. The F40. The greatest Ferrari ever.It was the first turbo charged Fezza. It was also the last car Enzo Ferrari signed off.

30 years later, grand children are back at it.


The Grand Daddy

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