Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva | The Future of Aerodynamics

“So Lamborghini actually cares about aerodynamics? Wow!”

Don’t be a douche.

The Lamborghini Huracan Performante is a great car. I am not reviewing it. That would be, well… preposterous. Because, I haven’t driven it. But what I can tell you is about the clever Aerodynamics.

ALA , is only sexy acronym Lamborghini could come up with for it’s active aerodynamics.

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A thumb rule before reading this: less downforce means less drag means more speed. Always.

Okay! Many Cars have active aero. What is so great about this one?

Patience man. Uff!!

The Huracan Performante is quite special at this.

The Front Splitter


The system has valve like entities present inside the front splitter. YES! Inside.

These Flaps open and close according to the aerodynamic load requirements.

When the Front valve is closed it allows for air to pass straight through it. This creates higher pressure on the upper surface of the splitter. Hence, providing downforce.


But, if you floor your 200,000 pound Lamborghini, The flaps open, allowing for air to pass beneath it. This allows a smooth air flow, and more importantly, less drag.


The Rear Wing

The rear wing works similarly, and also has a valve. Lamborghini says, this valve can open and close in the blink of an eye. So the lag is virtually zero. None. Sweet


The Potential of this gimmick

Well, You see.. It’s not one. It is a beautiful solution. And what I love about all of this is, the ALA does its thing behind the curtain. Under closed doors, if you like.

But does do these make the Huracan any faster?


The Performante set a whopping 6:52:01. That is 5 seconds off the time set by a 918. That is a Big deal, with a capital B.

By opening flaps on each side individually, the air distribution over the body can be customised. This means the inner wheel won’t lift off. It corners absolutely flat. Harder and Faster Cornering then. Win-Win.

No wonder it ate the ‘ring and spit it out.

round and about the ‘ring

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