Why Go-Karting is the best thing under the sun

 I am a huge motorsport fan. Last December I had the opportunity to drive a few laps around the Dubai Kartdrome in a, well… a Go-Kart. I have driven one a few times. But, this time it was on a proper track.  1.204km of perfect asphalt dribbled with delicious turns and some proper chicanes. This track has it all.
I was immediately smitten by this. The Sun shining. 15 laps of this track. I have definitely had worse days.
The kart I drove was on point. 13.5bhp, 390 cc. Sweet. It was fast too.
Exciting looking things, aren’t they?
But, I am writing this to tell you guys why I love karting. You see, it is the simplicity of the damn thing. One steering. Two pedals. And every single vibration through your bottom. Every single one. Riding over a kerb is a workout. 15 minutes into it, I felt nauseous. The G-Force is amazing (though nothing compared to a Formula car).

The pits were festooned with Go-Karting junkies. People brought along their own karts too. It’s addicting. I’ll tell you that.


Pit Scenes

How Addicting? Let’s just say, I went back the next day for another go. Kid you not.

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