The Mille Miglia

The famous Mille Miglia Logo

There are races. There are Grand tours. Then there is The Mille Miglia. It owes its existence to two Italians who wanted a race in their home city of Brescia. The Race was held for a thousand Roman miles. Roughly translated to 1500 km. Must have been a big deal in 1927. It still is. The Race followed a figure of 8 Course. It went all the way from Brescia to Rome and back. The race could last a day. Yikes.

The course Losapas

The Mille Miglia was discontinued in 1957, after a tragic incident. A Ferrari 355S crashed into the public, killing the driver, the co-driver, and nearly 10 spectators. Heartbreaking.  Another incident in Brescia didn’t help either.

The Ferrari 355S at Mille Miglia The Telegraph

The race was revived in 1982. But this time it was a road rally event. The cars signed into the competition were all sports cars and GrandTourers, built between 1927 to 1957. Various manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin,etc. were regular participants and brought their creations for this glorious event.

Talk about attention The 1957 race

The Race Last Year was won by the Bugatti T40. The year before that? That was the Bugatti as well.

2015 victor The Bugatti T40

The Mille Miglia takes place until this day, and all I can say is Grazie.

So this is heaven huh? I see….The 2017 Mille Miglia

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