The Bullet Meets Me

Bikes. I was never really a fan of the Two-Wheeler. Was’ being the key word. Last winter I went on a holiday and was lucky enough to jump on a Royal Enfield Electra for a few hours. It was heavy, I’ll tell you that. The bike was not a brand new one. It did have quite a few clicks on the Odometer. The thing felt quite solid. Made like a gun then.

It doesn’t go like a bullet though. I mean, it goes like a bullet, but not like a bullet bullet. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because buying a bullet for its speed is like buying a McDonalds Big Mac for its nutritional benefits. That is just not the point. 
(Picture: the bullet meets its arch nemesis)
The Bullet is an experience. A loud one too. It’s the thumping. I mean, you can identify one fifty miles away. The one I rode didn’t have any aftermarket system bolted on to it. It sounded just fine. A damn fine sound. That in itself can make your mundane commutes sound like an event. 

(Picture: legal speeds, obviously)

At low speeds, You can feel every single stroke by that engine through your bottom, up till your teeny head. It vibrates a lot. This may make everyday traffic a pain in the ass (literally). I mean, the NVH levels are just off the charts here. You start to wonder why Royal Enfield didn’t fit another 77 engine mounts. But, will that uncouple you from the experience. I guess so.  It is not an everyday city bike. Nevertheless, You could do a 200-mile cruise through the highway or just barge along the jungly bits of the jungle and be ready for the next 200 miles.The bullet is a proper workout. This means, that you can’t live with a bullet every day. I am sorry. But it’s true.

And you know what? I don’t think you should. The fact that I see a bullet every 3 meters in India, really gets me. It is such a special bike. It should be a weekend cruiser. SomeA getaway. Not something you use to pop into the shops.
Nevertheless, I love what the Royal Enfield Brand has become. Everyone in the country wants one. Rumours and spy shots have hinted on an incoming 750cc engine. Can’t wait. I’d say, buy one. Buy one. And, yeah! Two wheels do move the soul. With a lot of vibrations though.

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