The Jaguar E – Type

Okay. Let’s get something out of the way right now. Cars are art. They are rolling sculptures if you like. To design a car, you do need to understand proportions, the golden ratio and all those divine rules Da Vinci kept talking about. The man obsessed over these things. Which is why, maybe, he took over a decade to paint the Mona Lisa. 

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Now, I can’t talk about design and beauty and divine proportions and not mention the Jaguar E-Type. It’s been over 50 years since the first E-Type rolled out.Now, I am not sure if I am completely sold out on the design of the coupe. But, Hey! That’s just me. 

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The convertible one though. That really did hit the bulls-eye. The long hood that blended with the low windscreen gave the car a stance, unlike no other. What I like the most about the E-type, is how the entire thing looked like a single existence. A sculpture. 

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Thanks to Malcolm Sayer. Now, this man is a design god. He designed the C-Type. The D-Type. And like the greatest hit before the end of a band, he gave us The E-Type. 
Wherever you are, Great Job!
I love this thing. A blue E-Type, with a red cabin and a wooden steering wheel. I’ll take that to the grave with me.

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