The Original Widow maker

I am a huge Porsche fan. Shouldn’t come as a surprise. The 911 is quite simply the most iconic sports car of all time. Most of you may be familiar with the story of how the engine got chucked at the rear and some critics at the time ended up claiming how it spoiled the balance of the car and so on and so forth. You know what? Bollocks. Only when the first journalist drove the car, did they realise how good the bloody thing is?Regarded by the car community as one of the finest handling machines the 911 was available in all flavours with whatever topping you fancy. 

Image result for 911 evolution

But then, something exciting happened. The idea of a turbocharger in a Porsche 911. They had been toying around with this idea for quite a while before they decided to stick one of those up a 911s arse in 1972.
This was the G-Series 911. It was a hell of a car. For your viewing pleasure:

Look at this one.
Delicious. Isn’t it?
This is my favourite one. This particular example was made in 1979. The Porsche 930.

Image result for porsche 930

These cars later came to be known as the 911 Turbo. What made these cars scandalous was its turbo lag. The cars had a considerable time delay between burying your right foot and getting pinned to the seat. This meant the thing was not easy to tame. When the boost came in, you had to have your wits about you. It ended up getting the title of the widow maker. And, rightfully so. Many of those whose went for a long drive never really returned. In one piece that is.

Image result for porsche 930

Don’t hate it. Oh! Please No. It’s plain pornography. Just bathe in its visceral personality. Another great Porsche from possibly the greatest era of cars. But More significantly, they went against all odds and did it. They tried. That, to me, is what counts.
Old as it turns out, is gold. And turbo laggy!

Image result for porsche 930

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