The legend of the Ford GT

Perhaps the greatest car ever made. Certainly, the greatest thing to come out of America. The GT40.
This car comes with a tonne of history. I’ll just put it in short for you. Ford was all set to be bought by Ferrari. The Italians shied away at the last moment, only to get Ford angry. And so, just like that, shots were fired for the greatest automotive rivalry of all time. Ford, in 1966 came to LeMans, the mecca of racing, to show Ferrari what they can do. And they did. The Ford GT40 came first, second and third winning LeMans. They took away our heart and respect too.

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Ever since this race has spawned some great cars, such as the Ford GT in the early 2000s and the latest Ford GT. Now, I am gonna include the latest Ford GT to this club too. Why you may ask. Let’s just say that Ford beat Ferrari in LeMans last year too. 50 years on, the battle has still not lost its momentum.

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