What is it about the GT-R?

Cars aren’t cheap. Especially the fast ones. They aren’t cheap at all. It’s the opposite of that. Except for this one. The Nissan GT-R.

Yeah! It’s made by the same people at the same time in the same factory line that make your crappy hatchback.And your Neighbour’s. They are poles apart, though. That’s as far as the similarity will go. The GT-R and other Nissans are as similar as a chocolate ice-cream and a Bathrobe. 

The prices start at 90,000$, which is nowhere near the ballpark of where you pay for its rivals.The GT-R is not all about ‘Bang For Your Buck’. It’s fast. Really fast. People have lost their eyeballs somewhere in their head after being accelerated in one (That’s not true. But you get the idea). Pick any equivalent German or Italian rival and pit it against the GT-R. You’ll know what I am talking about. It’ll spit those slo-mo’s into the middle of last week (or year). Why does it do that? Black-Magic! Japanese are good at those sort of things. Okay, want me to get technical? Fine! You got it.

It’s all about weight distribution. The weight of the car is transferred to the road by its wheels. In a conventional front-engined speed machine, the engine and the transmission are placed in the front. In the GT-R though, the engine remains in the front, but the transmission is coupled with the differential at the back to form what is called as the transaxle (don’t pretend like you guessed that. Move on!).

Okay! So ?Well, what this means is, the wheels spins lesser under sudden throttle. Which is what you do when you accelerate. This is why the GT-R rockets (Yes! Literally. Not your usual figurative usage!) from nought all the way to 100kph faster than you can read this sentence (that’s 2.8 seconds). All this is assisted by a precise electronic torque distribution and a bucket of other acronyms (VR38DETT, ATTESA E-TS, and the like). Never mind that.

Dozed off? But, I though you wanted technical.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk numbers. What are my other options? Well, here you go.

The 911 can do it in 3.1 seconds and will cost up to 70,000$ above the Nissan. Ferrari 458 is 0.7 seconds slower and twice as expensive. So is the Lamborghini Gallardo. The Buggati is just as fast, but ten times more expensive (TEN!). Well, you get the idea. There you go then. Next time you’ll know what you are talking about. Hehe! JK. If you’re still not convinced, then get this. Usain Bolt drives one. Find the nearest dealer now.

Image result for nissan gtr NISMO

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