What makes a petrolhead? Love of Speed? YES! The Addiction to the Thrill? YES! Fascinated by Engineering that goes into making every car what it is? YES! But above all what keeps us one bar above normal homo sapiens who drive boring cars from A to B is our sheer love for the Internal Combustion Engines. What does that mean? Well, you put some petrol in a cylinder and set it ablaze with a spark with appropriate pulse width and suitable pressure, with lots of molecules of air until everything blasts (That’s Automotive101 for you )and moves the car. And the soul. Oh yeah! It does move the soul. It’s part of the experience. The sheer symphony. The sound of the engine breathing and spitting out fire and gas and all those things that harm the environment. Perfect ! Or so we thought ! Until Polar Bears started Dying. Until Our Ice Caps Started melting. Until the rain stopped. Until our lungs turned darker. Electric Vehicles it is then. But …

The Model S

You see… Once we shift to electric vehicles, there is no coming back. Its the end of….. well everything actually! But is it deeper than that? Can we still have the same connection with a battery and few wires that connect the motor to the wheels? The question is will it connect our heart to the car?


“YES! SURELY!”, says Elon Musk (I respect this guy!). If I start talking about him it’ll go on till supper tomorrow. So I am not. This Guy is chuffing Magic!! And so is PayPal. And so is SpaceX. And so is Hyperloop. And so is everything started by him. OH, WAIT! Tesla. Forgot that. Tesla Model S. The Tesla Model 3. The Tesla Model X. I love ’em. All of them. I do. They Look good, like any modern Merc. They Drive well, like any modern Maserati. They are fast. Really Fast. If you have pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench, you can end up with one faster than any other cars to 100kph.  They are safe, like a Volvo.

THE Elon Musk

They are spawned from one Man’s vision, like any great car. It’s good for the environment. It’s all good news. I love it. I know it’s sacrilegious. But I do. I really really do. But does that make me any less of a petrol-head? Well.. I won’t be a ‘PETROL’head anymore. We should coin a new term now. ELECTROhead doesn’t sound bad. Does it?

The Brand New Model 3

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