Koenigsegg ONE:1

Yes! This is it! The greatest and the only MEGA car ever made. Ever! Why? Well …To explain this I have to get a bit nerdy. In the automotive world, engineers aim to achieve something a good power to weight ratio. The higher the ratio, the faster your car. This car, as the name suggests had the power to weight ratio of 1:1. Bull’s-eye !! Hailing from Sweden, this monster was the brainchild of Christian Von Koenigsegg.  

Very few have survived the fist fight against Ferrari and Lamborghini. Mr.Koenigsegg was one of them(Mr. Pagani being the other). And he did this by making us fall in love with his amazing creations. Back To this piece of Ar,t the cherry on top of the cake was the ‘Dihedral Synchro-Helix Actuation Door System’.Every single Koenigsegg is garnished with these signature doors. They were the coolest things ever fitted to any car.


 The ONE:1 was a heavily tweaked Agera R which was a tweaked version of the Agera which was tweaked ……well you get the idea. This meant that this car was the finest of the finest! Yes, it was expensive. Really expensive in fact. The last example of this amazing machine was at an auction for a shade under 6 million USD. Gulp! This meant that only a few lucky ones will ever get a chance to own and drive one of these. And those who did, You know what I am talking about! Veyron……Sorry !


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