The Porsche 911.

If there’s something that we have learned from the German engineers in Stuttgart, then it is the fact that, ‘Never Give Up’.


For over half a century, Porsche has been making the 911 with the engine hanging around in the tail. Even with tons of criticism, Porsche engineers have given us some of the greatest track and road cars! The 911 was famous for one thing, Handling! It is the sweetest handling car by a country mile.

 Porsche has been continuously engineering, designing and redesigning the flat 6 engines for that unrivaled driving experience. Various versions of this car have come out to suit various lifestyles and needs of the customers. The 911 has been the choice of car by many for driving on track days. The magic of 911 can’t be given by any other car manufacturers. Aficionados go all mad and elated on the mere mention of its name. Game won then!


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