Ferrari 458- Maranello’s answer to everything.

The Successor to the Ferrari F430, the 458 Italia was a game changer. It went and handled unlike anything else. The interior looked like it was designed and developed by F1 legend Michael Schumacher (That’s because it was). Filled with space age materials and super cool tech, this was one of the greatest cars of all times. The steering wheel was garnished with buttons giving a minimalistic outlook to the rest of the interior. 


The magic of the 458s recipe was the engine. This V8 beast revved all the way to 9000 rpm and it pulled this Italian horse to a mind-boggling 325 kph. By no means was this the fastest car and No, it isn’t the best looking car either. But, my god it was good! Really, really, really good!20161030_200445

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