Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron was never a car. It was an F 22 with the wings turned upside down. Given enough space, the Veyron could trash the 440 kph mark and it would keep on pulling. According to the engineers, the only limitation would be the fuel and the fear of the tyres bursting. 

Let me give you some headline figures. 1001bhp. 16 cylinders. 10 radiators. 2 tonnes. TEN! That’s heavier than my house and it has more radiators as well. The torque was enough to pull this fatty from a sand still to 100kph in 2.5 seconds. And in the process, it would rotate the earth another way round. The rear wing could generate as much braking power as a Volkswagen golf! 


If you were to stop this car from its top speed, you would cover a distance equal to 10 football pitches in the process. The most surprising thing about the Veyron is that they made one at all. The Veyron should not be looked at as just another hypercar. It is what happens when engineers and designers are given free reign. It bends every single law of physics. The Veyron tore the rule book and threw it to the middle of last week. The only drawback was the million pound asking price. My kidneys are for sale!


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